Tire Pressure Monitoring System - TPMS

RaceGrade now sells and supports a Tire Pressure Monitoring System produced by bf1systems. This well-established TPMS can provide benefits for any motorsport team. It communicates tire pressure and inner air temperature directly to any data logger via CAN communication. You may purchase any of the parts individually, or purchase them as a kit.

bf1systems' Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring Systems are the only choice for providing reliable, accurate data on your tires, and over the last ten years has evolved to become the market leader for motorsport and high end road cars. The systems have proved themselves in the harshest environments, winning countless championships in motorsport, and being standard fit to the fastest road cars in the world.

With systems currently in use on F1, IndyCar, Le Mans, Rally Raid, GT and Touring Cars, a range of Wheel Sensors, ECUs and Antennas are available to suit every application, meaning all formulae and budgets can be catered for. 


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